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SWAROVSKI Factory Packs

PLEASE CALL US TO KNOW STOCK AVAILABILITY AS ONLY AVAILABLE STOCK CAN BE ORDERED; PLEASE NOTE THAT FROM MARCH 25TH, THERE IS NO MORE ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT ON THE SWAROVSKI WHOLESALE - I-Beads are a Swarovski certified supplier providing branded Swarovski Crystals and Elements in Swarovski factory packaging. We offer the entire Swarovski range of beads, pearls, pendants, fancy stones, flatbacks, buttons, sew on stones and fancy stone settings. Please be certain to purchase the correct item as factory packs are non-returnable. All prices include VAT. Pick from the drop-down menus to see the packet size and price. For discount codes on these packs see banner above. 
Please note; 5 - 7 working days delivery on Swarovski Factory Packs, subject to stock levels in Austria. Rarely, there can be a wait of up to 6 weeks for production if the factory are out of stock.

The requested quantity is not in stock, therefore we have adjusted your order quantity to our stock level.

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