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Kumihimo Braiding

Kumihimo is a method of braiding silk threads developed in Japan which is traditionally performed on special wooden stands called Maru Dai and Takadai. The literal translation of kumihimo means the "coming together (kumi) of threads (himo)".

Kumihimo braids were originally used as ties, cording and belts for clothing, and closures for Samurai armor. The braids are durable and have beautiful patterns in them that are formed by varying the sequence of thread movements while creating the braids.

Modern crafters create kumihimo braids out of many different fibres and the braids can be made into jewellery, headbands, belts or decorative embellishments.

The Kumihimo disc is a quick and easy way to experiment with kumihimo braiding. Once you have a little experience, you can add beads or crystals to add texture and sparkle to your piece.

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