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Bracelet For Men | The success of a forgotten

Grosses perles en bois

Have you noticed too? A huge variety of bracelets for men has invaded the male market in recent years. Just like watches, the different universes it offers make it a highly coveted object. Luxury men's bracelet or bracelet for men cheap, we observe between these two notions many trendy and affordable models which have the merit of existing for their aesthetics. Silver bracelet, leather bracelet, stainless steel or rope bracelet, let's see which one from the simplest to the most sophisticated would be able to satisfy you. Recognized today as a real fashion accessory, the men's bracelet almost disappeared: a look back at the success of a forgotten.

Men's jewelry: a very old story

Why a very old story? Because men's jewelry is more than 2,000 years of history on the head, around the neck or the wrists of these most eminent gentlemen. Attributes that have gradually faded in a hundred years. Labeled "inappropriate" in modern times, then "too feminine". Only the tie pins, cufflinks and pocket watches of elegant suits have escaped their eradication, thanks to their certain usefulness.

The shy return of the men's bracelet

This bad reputation has operated in just 150 years and men's jewelery is only just beginning to shed. A graduate of Art History at the Ecole du Louvre and professor at the School of Jewelry Arts in Paris, Gislain Aucremanne tells in an article at Release, le shy return of the bracelet which he observes since the 2010s in these terms:

« It started with the bracelets, sometimes a ribbon or a cotton thread, which the sleeve of the jacket hides. Then more raw jewelry, in hammered silver, brushed steel, as if in order not to “devirilize” the man, the material had to not be overworked. »

Men's Bracelets: Symbolic

A message story

Long before women's jewelry, regardless of civilization: chiefs of clans or tribes, kings or lords, popes or bishops, all sported jewelry and bracelets. All for one purpose: convey a strong message. Obvious signs of distinction, men's jewelry then makes it possible to stand out from ordinary mortals:

  • by attesting to the extent of his power and wealth;
  • by justifying his rank and his authority;
  • by displaying its superiority vis-à-vis its rivals.

And the bracelets in all this?

In the Middle Ages and at the time of the Crusades, men's bracelets were made of precious metals for royalty and nobility. The knights, on the other hand, wore very thick leather bracelets, sort of cuffs protruding from their chain mail. They served primarily to protect their forearms from enemy blades. Like armor, leather bracelet and steel bracelet have kept this particularly virile image. No wonder they are the most popular of all men's bracelets because of their warrior or rebellious connotation in the " Vikings " way and with the arrival of successful series that have already become cult. Long neglected, today it is a return noticed on the wrists and in the jewelry boxes of these gentlemen, encouraged by the rise of social networks and influencers.

What type of men's bracelet can we find?

In recent years, mores and mentalities evolve. Men too operate on the stroke of heart, free themselves from the weight of the head of the family and assume their desire for jewellery. The fact remains that worn with shorts or an elegant suit, the men's bracelet always conveys a certain message.

gold men's bracelet

Rare are those who can afford the purchase of gold jewelry. Reason why the gold men's bracelet again and again sends a luxury and wealth message. Even if the latter is gold-plated or just an imitation: beyond its value, it sends the same message.

Diamond bracelet for men

As with gold, the diamond bracelet for men reflects its richness, with a little extra, that of rarity. Indeed, depending on the quantity of diamonds and their sizes, this bracelet can just as well reflect the image of a belonging to an exceptional world, a provocative message in the manner of certain artists. Obvious allusion to the world of rappers.

Silver men's bracelet

Silver remains a noble and affordable metal. In addition, this material is flexible, easy to model, offering great engraving possibilities to highlight it. The silver men's bracelet relays a chic and timeless message.

Men's steel bracelet

The steel bracelet for men reflects a modern man image. Steel, moreover, stainless steel, is an extremely resistant and reliable material.

Pewter bracelet for men

Unalterable metal, it is often used to cover steel. Discovered by the Celts and then the Romans, the pewter bracelet for men is often characterized by its appearance smooth and cold.

Men's leather bracelet

The leather bracelet for men is the bracelet par excellence. Used since the dawn of time by our hunting ancestors, leather reflects the animal and primitive side of man. Studded community style bikers in the USA, it is reminiscent of a rebellious and extraordinary spirit.

Bracelet or men's bracelet?

Bracelet formed by a metal plate engraved on the top of the wrist held by a chain in flat links, this bracelet for men conveys 2 opposite images :

  • moon popularized in the 50s and 60s by male celebrities such as Elvis Presley, referring to the bracelets worn by soldiers in thick white metal;
  • the other religious, a fine gold bracelet, traditionally offered for Christian occasions such as baptism.

Cheap men's bracelet | But today's trendy bracelet

Men's bangle bracelet

Flat, adorned with engravings or twisted, the bangle bracelet for men is the modern and virile man's bracelet. Made from durable and noble materials such as solid silver or steel, it emphasizes the strength of the wrist. 

Bracelet cordon

The cord bracelet exists in multiple versions and has different meanings depending on whether it wears (the cord is rarely alone), a charm in the shape of a boat anchor, fish hook, skull, etc. The big advantage is the use of the color codes of the cord itself.

Beaded bracelet for men

If there is one who has been a huge success, it is the beaded bracelet for men. It is found everywhere and in addition it is very simple to make for those who would like to start making a customizable beaded bracelet. A elastic cord for bracelet, and a few beads of which each variety can convey a different message:

Men's cuff bracelet

Consisting of different parts, the cuff bracelet for men is the bracelet of thetrendy man who assumes his taste for jewelry. For an original and harmonious rendering: we do not hesitate to combine different materials and colors. Black or natural leather threads, braided or twisted, etc. with some metal beads or some beads letters really popular.

Which wrist for a men's bracelet?

We will prefer the wrist that will allow you to attach your bracelet alone. Knowing that most bracelets for men are practical because:

Your other jewelry can guide you in your choice of wrist for a bracelet. It is therefore the convenience and your daily use that will help you best. Do you wear your watch on the right or on the left? Are you used to writing, doing sports every day? But, as a simple precaution, avoid your jewels colliding, so that they do not damage each other.

Where to find men's bracelets to personalize?

You still haven't found the bracelet for men of your dreams and you are still looking for your crush? Whether for you or as a gift: Do it yourself ! At the house of i-Pearls, you will find everything you need to make a trendy men's bracelet.

How to make a men's bracelet?

Nothing could be easier thanks to the many tutorials available online. Then, find quality supplies for all styles on your favorite beading site: bracelets in leather or jonc, threads, cords and elastics, all to personalize. Without forgetting our bracelet clasps and all thetools to make a creation like a pro.

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